Merge eFilm

Merge will showcase planned product enhancements for Fusion RIS/PACS.

The vendor's Fusion RIS/PACS integrated single-desktop offering will take center stage, combining RIS, PACS, dictation, document management, billing, and practice analysis workflow into one product.


Merge will also show upcoming Fusion RIS/PACS advances, including Referring Practice Portal. With Referring Practice Portal, referring physicians can access reports and associated images from Fusion RIS/PACS or Fusion RIS via the Web, according to the Milwaukee-based vendor. They can also get access to exam/appointment status and emergency/referral access for hospital and clinic referrals and emergency situations, Merge said.

Merge will also show off Fusion eFilm Hanging Protocols, by which Fusion RIS/PACS customers can receive RIS-driven hanging protocols tied to the procedure or the radiologists. Other enhancements on the Fusion eFilm diagnostic workstation software include key images, a thumbnail viewer, and integrated PET/CT image fusion.

Multitiered storage management has also been incorporated into Fusion PACS, allowing for more optimal use of storage resources; less frequently used data is migrated to a lower-cost/lower-performance storage system, Merge said.

Merge will also debut the next release of its eFilm Workstation software, which will include thumbnail images, integrated PET/CT image fusion, and user login/authentication.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 16, 2004

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