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MedPACS is planning upgrades to its Vista PACS offering.

The Hartland, WI-based PACS vendor will be adding several enhancements to its fee-per-study Vista PACS network, which was introduced at the 2003 RSNA meeting.

VistaReport adds integrated reporting capability via text input or voice dictation; reports are automatically prepopulated with appropriate patient demographic information and placed on the site's letterhead, MedPACS said. An unlimited number of templates can be created.

VistaConsult allows radiologists and referring physicians not employing Vista to conference and review images via a standard Web browser, MedPACS said. The physician who's not using Vista can see exactly what the radiologist is viewing, including annotation, in real-time.

Another Vista addition, MultiView, provides for the review of CT image sets in multiple planes. While VistaReport is a purchasable option, VistaConsult and MultiView will be furnished at no extra charge for Vista users. Availability is scheduled for the first quarter of 2005.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 16, 2004

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