Guardian Technologies International

Guardian will officially launch its RIS/PACS network in the U.S.

Guardian-Wise RIS/PACS, which is marketed as RadWise 6.0 in the United Kingdom, is a Web services-based offering, according to the Dulles, VA-based vendor. The single-database system can handle exam orders and scheduling, patient tracking, modality worklists, transcription, film tracking, as well as radiologist worklists, Guardian said.

Storage and diagnostic viewing of exams is provided, as is reversible lossless compression at ratios of up to 10:1, Guardian said. Guardian-Wise RIS/PACS also includes features such as "intelligent" study management and routing, radiation exposure management, and a simultaneous multilingual user interface.

Guardian-Wise RIS/PACS will be available in the U.S. January 1, 2005.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 16, 2004

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