DR Systems

Release 7 of its RIS/PACS will be the focus of attention for DR Systems.

The San Diego-based PACS vendor has added a number of features in Release 7, including Smart Client technology (blending thin-client and thick-client computing), "auto pull" of cases and reports on both its Web Dominator and Web Ambassador workstation software, as well as improved RIS interfaces, cardiology tools, and support for reading digital mammography images.

In other RSNA news, DR Systems will discuss the integration of cardiology PACS and pathology image distribution into its RIS/PACS offering. New cardiology tools have been added to the Dominator radiologist diagnostic reading station, including calibration, stenosis measurement, cine tool enhancement, and digital image subtraction. The company has also added additional support for DICOM standards and a Web dictation enhancement for its Web Dominator software.

DR Systems also takes pride in its recent receipt of FDA clearance to add diagnostic reading capability for digital mammography images to its PACS network. The digital mammography capability is available on the firm's Dominator diagnostic workstation via Release 6 software.

In other mammography-related developments, DR Systems has added an interface to Mammography Reporting System's mammography reporting/tracking application.

By Erik L. Ridley
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
November 16, 2004

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