Kodak realigns organization

Eastman Kodak's Health Imaging division has realigned its business in a bid to better drive its strategic growth initiatives, leverage its technology, and strengthen its overall performance, according to the Rochester, NY-based vendor.

Kodak has formed strategic product groups to handle overall business strategies and direction, as well as marketing and product development for specific product and service categories. The groups include:

  • Film capture and output (film systems, mammography, and oncology products).
  • Digital capture and applications (CR, DR, digital mammography, and advanced clinical applications).
  • Digital output (laser imaging systems).
  • Dental systems (dental films, digital camera kits and ink-jet printers for dentistry, and anesthetics).
  • Healthcare information services (PACS and RIS products, professional services, and healthcare decision-support systems).
  • Equipment services (customer equipment maintenance and asset management).

Another new strategic product group will handle growth strategy and business development. The unit will lead initiatives in new markets and technologies, serve as an incubator for nascent businesses, and oversee Kodak's Scientific Imaging Systems unit, Kodak said.

In a global management shift, regional operations in the U.S. and Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Japan, Greater Asia, and in emerging markets will manage their own sales, service and distribution channels. Kodak also created what it calls global functions, centers designed to support strategic product groups and regional operations worldwide. These functions will cover manufacturing, supply chain, technology, quality, processes, information technology, and marketing, according to the firm.

As part of the realignment, Kodak made several new executive appointments. Dr. Phillip Berman, former general manager of e-Health initiatives, has been named general manager, growth strategy and business development. Jeff Markin, who previously served as general manager of Kodak's film systems unit, has been tapped as general manager, film capture and output.

The former general manager of Kodak's analog business, Tom Purtell, has been designated general manager, global manufacturing and supply chain. Garry Hapeman has been appointed general manager, global quality, process, and information technology. Hapeman previously served as digital solutions manager.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
August 8, 2002

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