JVC launches new monitor

2021 10 07 21 13 3594 Computer Display Monitor Lab Mri V1 400

JVC has launched a new CL-S600 6-megapixel monitor for diagnostic radiology.

The new monitor was designed to show medical images for all modalities except mammography, including CT, computed and digital radiography, and MRI, according to the company. The monitor comes equipped with the company's Dynamic Gamma function, which can analyze the entire screen content and select the correct gamma curve for each individual pixel in real-time.

The monitor's turbo luminance function also increases the brightness and contrast of the screen for a maximum of 30 seconds to magnify recognizable grayscales, which allows radiologists to reliably assess even the finest calcifications, JVCKENWOOD said.

Also, the monitor's Visual Point mode increases the contrast in certain areas controlled by the mouse pointer, the company added.

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