Radpair, NewVue ink partnership

Radpair and NewVue are entering a partnership that will integrate Radpair's advanced AI diagnostic reporting capabilities into NewVue's workflow orchestrator.

The integration will create a cloud-native platform that will improve radiologists' well-being and job satisfaction while also boosting workflow and report quality, the two firms said. It will use NewVue's EmpowerSuite for automatic generation of a curated worklist based on the radiologist's profile, considering their preferred specialties, credentialing, insurance coverage, scheduled shifts, and physical location. Radiologists can also adjust the reading pace and cadence based on their mood, improving job satisfaction, Radpair and NewVue noted.

Studies opened from the worklist launch PACS and the EmpowerSuite Clinical information screen. This "radiologist cockpit" uses AI to summarize all available prior reports and clinical information. The cockpit also hosts the Radpair AI-powered reporting system, which generates reports from conversational inputs. Automatic reporting and dynamic editing features allow for near real-time report generation and simple click-and-drag editing for minor revisions.

The cloud-native platform ensures easy sign-in with zero context switching, allowing radiologists to focus entirely on diagnostics, according to the companies. The workflow and reporting system also integrates with existing PACS and replaces legacy VR and dictation systems.

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