Implementing AI at scale in the healthcare enterprise

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What are the challenges involved in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) across a large-scale healthcare enterprise? In this talk from the Spring 2022 Virtual Conference, Dr. Nina Kottler discusses the challenges in adopting AI at scale, and how to overcome them.

Kottler starts by addressing the question of why radiology is implementing artificial intelligence in the first place. She reflects on how in the days prior to PACS, the radiology reading room was a hub of activity as referring physicians dropped by to consult with radiologists on tricky cases.

The reading room is a much quieter place now, and PACS has helped radiologists deal more efficiently with a huge boom in imaging volume. But much has been lost from those days when clinicians were frequent visitors.

Kottler believes that AI can help radiology return to those days when radiologists were the physician's physician, while retaining the efficiencies that were unlocked with PACS.

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