Artificial intelligence for breast ultrasound

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In this talk from's Spring 2022 Virtual Conference, Dr. Linda Moy provides an overview of the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) for breast ultrasound. The technology could provide an alternative that addresses the shortcomings of conventional mammography.

In her talk, Moy discussed the role of AI for both diagnostic and screening breast ultrasound exams. Ultrasound has a variety of uses for breast imaging, with diagnostic uses including the evaluation of women who are symptomatic or who have palpable masses, as well as women who have abnormalities detected on mammography or MRI.

In screening, Moy discussed an AI algorithm tested at New York University Langone Health that could be used to triage breast ultrasound exams, helping classify studies at low risk of cancer. This could enable radiologists to focus on cases more likely to have malignancies.

Learn more in the presentation below.

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