Intelerad partners with Zebra

PACS vendor Intelerad Medical Systems is partnering with Artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Zebra Medical Vision to incorporate Zebra's AI algorithms into Intelerad's recently launched Odyssey workflow software.

The partnership is designed to give radiologists access to AI clinical applications that work within their natural workflow, according to the companies. Zebra's AI1 suite of AI applications will reside within Odyssey via an application programming interface (API) and will analyze medical images, returning results to radiologists within their worklist. Radiologists can then direct attention to particular images based on the AI's analysis.

The companies believe the integration of Odyssey with AI1 will enable AI to be delivered to healthcare organizations through a more affordable model, as charges will be on a pay-per-study basis rather than up front. In addition, Intelerad is subsidizing a 12-month trial use of AI1 for its customers.

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