Moonshot group to award $1M for lung cancer detection

As part of the Cancer Moonshot led by Vice President Joe Biden, a private foundation will award $1 million in prizes in 2017 to individuals who develop the best algorithms to distinguish cancerous from noncancerous lung nodules.

The Data Science Bowl will award $1 million to support the Cancer Moonshot program by bringing data science and medical communities together to develop lung detection algorithms.

Participants will use a dataset provided by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop algorithms that accurately determine when lung lesions are malignant. Success would dramatically reduce the false-positive rate that hampers current detection technologies, while getting patients earlier access to lifesaving technologies and giving radiologists more time to spend with their patients. Funds for the prize purse will be provided by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Click here to learn more about the Data Science Bowl and sign up for the contest.

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