Canon releases CXDI-Elite wireless DR detectors

2022 07 05 21 52 7319 2022 07 05 Canon Cxdi 720 C 400

Canon Medical Systems is bringing its CXDI-Elite series of wireless digital radiography (DR) detectors to markets outside of Japan.

The new line of detectors include CXDI-720C, a half-cassette size unit that features integrated support for x-ray dosage control, according to the vendor. Canon noted that its CXDI-Elite series is the first to employ its built-in AEC Assistance technology designed for general x-ray imaging.

Canon's CXDI-720C wireless DR detector. Image courtesy of Canon Medical Systems.Canon's CXDI-720C wireless DR detector. Image courtesy of Canon Medical Systems.

With AEC Assistance, the x-ray image sensor uses identical elements that can simultaneously perform either image generation or real-time detection of the pixel value corresponding to emitted x-rays, according to the firm. Once the pixel value reaches a preset value, the sensor will notify the x-ray generator, enabling greater control over x-ray dosage. Canon said.

What's more, the CXDI-Elite series also makes use of the firm's Intelligent NR4 image processing technology for noise reduction, Canon said.

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