Vuze wins patents for intraoperative imaging software

2021 04 13 17 51 3131 Patent Industry 400

Image-guided surgery software developer Vuze Medical has received new patents from the U.S., Europe, and China for technology related to its Vuze intraoperative software for minimally invasive spine surgeries.

Two patents -- Chinese Patent No. 109195527B and European Patent No. 3429475 -- describe the core workflow of the Vuze system and are similar to the firm's previously issued U.S. Patent 10716631. Vuze has also been awarded U.S. Patent No. 11224483, which describes a machine learning-based form of 2D-3D image coregistration. In their method, the learning phase for the algorithm is performed solely upon the 3D scan of the same patient on whom the 2D images are later acquired, according to the vendor.

Designed for use during common spinal surgeries performed in outpatient or ambulatory settings, the software overlays a graphical representation of tools seen in intraoperative 2D images onto axial and sagittal views from standard preoperative 3D scans, the company said.

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