Medicsight to bring Lung CAR to market

Image analysis software developer Medicsight has received Food and Drug Administration clearance for its Lung Computed Assisted Reader (CAR) software. Lung CAR, which has also received the European CE Mark, is an image analysis tool that assists radiologists in evaluating lesions or nodules on CT lung scans, according to the London-based firm.

The software allows radiologists to review unfiltered images side by side and simultaneously with software-enhanced regions of interest, Medicsight said. Lung CAR employs a series of filters on the CT image data, producing highlighted areas that contain potential nodules.

It can also extract the boundaries of suspect nodules and show them in 3D with a volume measurement, according to the vendor. In addition, Medicsight said that Lung CAR includes automatic and manual measurement tools, such as the ability to review follow-up scans and doubling times, and assess the length of time it took for a nodule's volume to double. The software also includes filters to reduce background noise on images and enhance nodule boundaries.

By staff writers
August 16, 2004

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