Materialise launches AI software in China

2018 03 14 00 19 5162 3 D Printing 400

Materialise has launched its Mimics Enlight 3D artificial intelligence (AI) software in China in partnerships with Zealise Medical and Fluidda.

The Mimics Enlight 3D Lung software enables personalized lung cancer treatment by identifying and measuring anatomical structures, such as lung segments, arteries, veins, and safety margins surrounding tumors, to help surgeons determine the desired surgical resection, Materialise said.

Removing tumors with an accurate safety margin potentially decreases the risk for tumor recurrence while saving as much healthy lung tissue as possible. This leaves patients with better lung performance compared to removing a complete lobe or lung, the company said.

China has the highest cancer-related death rate in the world and a lung cancer rate of more than 35 cases per 100,000 residents, Materialise added.

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