Materialise launches new case management software

3D printing firm Materialise launched new case management software called Mimics Flow Case Management at RSNA in Chicago.

The software is designed for hospital point-of-care 3D printing labs and enables hospitals to enforce quality management within 3D workflows, digitally streamline point-of-care and 3D printing processes, and improve collaboration between 3D labs and clinicians, according to the company.

Mimics Flow integrates with Mimics Innovation Suite 26, an image-based engineering toolbox, and provides a single workspace for 3D lab engineers and leaders and clinicians requesting 3D services. In addition, within the workspace, administrators can view all operational work, while clinicians and engineers have individual user profiles with their access interface and personalized rights.

This streamlined process and access can help scale operations, organize and manage files, and improve efficiency in point-of-care 3D printing activities, Materialise said.

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