AI Visualize sues Nuance, Mach7 for patent infringement

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Cloud-based software developer AI Visualize has filed a patent infringement suit against speech recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Nuance Communications and enterprise image management firm Mach7 Technologies.

In a complaint filed October 15 in the U.S. District Court in the District of Delaware, AI Visualize alleges that Nuance and Mach7 have infringed on claims included in four of its patents relating to a "method and system for fast access to advanced visualization of medical scans using a dedicated web portal."

The Visualize patents include:

AI Visualize said that its "inventions relate generally to viewing at a client computer a series of three-dimensional virtual views, transmitted over the internet, of a volume visualization dataset contained on one or more centralized databases."

In its complaint, Visualize Ai alleges that Nuance's PowerShare product has included the Mach7 eUnity and/or Calgary Scientific's ResolutionMD thin-client viewers, and in combination with either viewer, practices one or more claims of its patents.

"It is an object of the inventions to provide one or more of the following: 1) methods and systems that overcome low bandwidth and high latency limitations that are inherent properties of the standard Internet and permits bandwidth usage to be optimized, particularly for interactive web application for visualizing large medical scans and other volume visualization datasets on any Internet connection; 2) methods and systems that overcome the problems of maintaining medical records for long periods of time under security and privacy by providing a common and centralized infrastructure for receiving, storing, processing and viewing large medical scans via a web portal where economies of scale can be applied generously," AI Visualize said in the complaint.

The plaintiff is requesting a jury trial and that the court enter judgments against the defendants and grant a judgment holding the defendants liable for direct infringement of the patents. AI Visualize is also seeking damages resulting from the defendants' infringement of the asserted patents in an amount to be proven at trial, together with prejudgment and postjudgement interest.

They are also requesting a judgment that holds the patent infringement to be willful and deliberate, and a trebling of damages. Finally, they are asking for a judgement holding this to be an exceptional case, with an award for attorneys' fees, costs, and expenses incurred prosecuting this action -- as well as other and further relief that the court deems to be just and equitable.

Representatives from Nuance and Mach7 did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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