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The burgeoning field of 3D printing had a chance to flex its muscles at April's 3DHeals conference, where industry leaders and hopefuls alike got together to commune and talk about where the field is going. The destination turns out to be almost everywhere that an image or a medical device can be found today.

Participants at 3DHeals showed how medicine is being transformed by the industry -- from materials to orthopedic implants and, eventually, replacement organs and parts. Bioengineered tissues are being used to test drugs and quite soon will be used to build replacement tissues and organs. Devices in or nearing the market are helping sleep apnea patients breathe and amputees walk. Naturally these efforts raise questions -- and we have a few answers.

For example, how do entrepreneurs get their 3D-printed products to market in today's hypercompetitive environment? Find out in our article on entrepreneurship in 3D printing. Then there's the Wild West legal environment, where the rules are just being written. For an article on the legal issues those who are 3D printing need to know to stay out of trouble, click here, and for an overview of the 3DHeals conference, click here. And do stay tuned for more articles on the conference.

In ultrasound, researchers from the San Francisco Bay Area are using image-processing techniques to improve the signal and hence the modality's diagnostic abilities. The study team found a way to recycle transmit/receive signals to maximize the information extracted from each cycle in microbubble contrast applications. Among other gains, the researchers were able to avoid bursting too many microbubbles while diagnosing thyroid and liver disease. Learn more in our Insider Exclusive, brought to you as a subscriber before our other readers can access it.

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