Implementing quality control is essential with 3D printing

Monday, November 28 | 3:10 p.m.-3:20 p.m. | SSE13-02 | Room S404CD
As 3D printing has surged in popularity, quality control (QC) has become an essential partner in the development process. Radiologists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have built a comprehensive and methodical QC plan for the task.

"As 3D printing in radiology for the manufacture of patient-specific models rapidly expands, the engineering principles of design verification and design validation must be applied to ensure the production of high-quality models," Dr. Anish Ghodadra, a fifth-year resident and head of the 3D printing lab, told "In this presentation, we discuss our implementation of these principles."

The presentation will cover the quality control process, including high-quality image resolution, correct bolus timing, and attention to signal-to-noise ratio. Other key items include segmentation training, creating 3D model files, refining models, and mesh repair. The presentation will also describe how these must be assessed and standardized as part of the quality control program.

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