Exxim Computing

Exxim will be upgrading its Cone Beam Reconstruction (COBRA) 3D CT reconstruction software package.

COBRA V5.0 allows for typical conebeam CT matrix sizes of 512 pixels to be handled by a single PC in less than a minute, a capability Exxim believes makes conebeam CT affordable and practical, according to the Pleasanton, CA-based company.

Exxim has also incorporated an online scatter-correction feature, which compensates for shifts in CT numbers and cupping artifacts. The firm will also discuss its Extended View technology, designed to facilitate the use of moderate-size flat-panel detectors for conebeam data acquisition.

With Extended View, the CT detector can be moved sideways in the direction of rotation by almost half its width, Exxim said. Half of the cone will be utilized in the acquisition, and a 360-degree scan produces the complete dataset.

The projections are then stitched together by the software, almost doubling the field of view, Exxim said. Extended View is available as an option in COBRA V5.0.

By Erik L. Ridley
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
November 18, 2004

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