The Electronic Healthcare Enterprise: Computed Radiography & Digital Radiography - The Technologist's Learning Center

Oct 17th, 2007
CR and DR are now mainstream in the Canadian radiology community. Gaining the best image quality and maintaining it is easier than with film and processors ... or is it ? How do you ensure the best possible image for the diagnosis at the lowest reasonable possible dose to the patient? It is more than positioning! It is more than wide latitude! It is more than software that corrects for over and under exposure! Two leading-edge, full-time educators whose focus is not on physics but instead pragmatic hands-on CR and DR will facilitate and share their relevant clinical and operational experiences on CR and DR in a wide range of patients from pediatrics to obese adults. This course will ensure delegates understand how to optimize image capture with these technologies and when practiced will maintain high image quality at the lowest reasonable dose. The full-day academic program is structured to provide unbiased information delivered by third-party independent individuals with practical hands-on CR and DR.
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