Cardiac MRI Course

May 28th, 2010May 29th, 2010
A three-day course of interleaved sessions dealing with MRI theory and practical hands-on cardiovascular applications, and it's allowing more time for basic physics, case reviewing advanced topics, and attendance during clinical CMR. The theory sessions intend to set a basis for understanding some fundamental aspects of MRI, and the specific problems that one can encounter during CMR. This will help the participants to work through the practical applications efficiently. These consist of hands-on workshops in which participants perform MRI exams on volunteers and patients, guided by an experienced team of MR physicians and technologists. A variety of cardiovascular topics will be addressed, such as, ventricular function, myocardial viability, alular disease, and aortic disease. These will be evaluated using different MRI techniques including breath-hold cine imaging, delayed contrast-enhanced myocardial imaging, contrast enhanced MR angiography, and flow quantification. Various case reports will be discussed.
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