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Do we really need to conduct routine follow-up x-rays on patients who have undergone total shoulder arthroplasty (TSA) procedures? A group from the University of Virginia Health System is questioning that practice in an article we're featuring as this edition's Digital X-Ray Insider Exclusive.

A research group from the university postulated that with improvements in TSA surgery, patients might not need as many routine radiographs to monitor their progress. They had a musculoskeletal radiologist review a series of x-rays in TSA patients, then tracked how many were abnormal or actually resulted in a change in patient management.

The answer? Not many. Find out more by clicking here for an article you're getting access to before the rest of the membership.

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Finally, a 20% reimbursement cut for analog x-ray payments in Medicare and Medicaid went into effect on January 1 as part of the U.S. government's effort to move medical practices to digital imaging. Have the cuts impacted your practice? Or are you already outfitted with digital x-ray? Let me know by dropping me a line at the link below.

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