Is CT lung screening falling short? | Ultrasound for appendicitis | Wrap-up from Arab Health

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Is CT lung cancer screening falling short of expectations? That's the implication of a new study we're highlighting in our CT Community.

Researchers found that the number of high-risk smokers who received screening exams fell far short of the number of smokers who are eligible for screening. The shortfall is especially baffling, given that CT lung screening for high-risk individuals not only has the imprimatur of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, but it also can be reimbursed in the Medicare and Medicaid systems.

Why aren't more smokers getting screened? The researchers offer several reasons -- find out what they are by clicking here, or visit our CT Community at

Ultrasound for appendicitis

Could ultrasound be a good option for directing treatment of patients with appendicitis, potentially helping them avoid appendectomy?

A research team from Stanford University discovered that a single finding on ultrasound -- loss of the submucosal layer of the appendix -- was a surefire marker of complicated appendicitis, thus requiring surgery. Patients without the marker could potentially simply receive antibiotics.

Get the rest of the story by clicking here, or visit the Ultrasound Community at

Wrap-up from Arab Health

The Arab Health conference drew to a close today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We've been featuring news from the show all this week in our AuntMinnie Middle East special section -- check out the coverage by clicking here, or go to

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