GE HealthCare launches two new ultrasound systems

GE HealthCare (GEHC) has launched two new ultrasound systems, Voluson Signature 20 and 18, both of which integrate AI and advanced tools, and feature ergonomic design that aims to speed exam time for clinicians while also improving womenโ€™s health.

The systems contain the following features:

  • Hey Voluson, which allows users to operate the system using voice commands
  • SonoLyst, a suite of tools that leverage AI to identify fetal anatomy seen on standard views, then automatically annotates and measures where applicable
  • SonoPelvicFloor, which GE said simplifies assessments of the pelvic floor and speeds up exams by automating plane alignment and measurements for up to 76% keystroke reduction
  • Fibroid Mapping, which uses AI to standardize and streamline fibroid documentation by mapping, measuring, and classifying fibroids
  • fetalHS, which the company said simplifies and speeds fetal heart assessments by up to 48% by providing step-by-step, AI-driven guidance to help identify normal fetal heart anatomy

The company added that its Vscan Air CL wireless dual probe will be integrated with the two systems, allowing for a wider range of motion through a wireless workflow.

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