Hitachi Aloka debuts Arietta V70 with enhanced elastography functions

Hitachi Aloka Medical is presenting its Arietta V70 ultrasound system with enhanced elastography functions at this week's ECR 2016.

The system features a new Shear Wave Measurement (SWM) and improved Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE) functions. SWM measures shear-wave propagation velocity and displays a reliability indicator for the velocity measurement. It automatically makes multiple velocity measurements within a region of interest with a single button press, according to the company. An evaluation of the reliability of each measurement is made, and the percentage of correctly detected measurements is displayed. The feature helps achieve more accurate measurement results and reduce the overall total number of measurements necessary, according to Hitachi.

The system also includes enhanced elastography features. When combined with B-mode imaging, elastography improves the differentiation between benign and malignant disease in various clinical applications and especially for breast examinations, according to the company. The new RTE upgrade features an improved algorithm of auto frame selection and assist strain ratio, which can enhance workflow and examination efficiency for breast elastography studies and provide a more effective and reliable diagnosis, Hitachi said.

The company is also highlighting the use of the Arietta V70 system for noninvasive assessment of liver fibrosis. In one system, the system is capable of both strain elastography and point shear-wave speed measurement without changing probes. Arietta V70 supports the comprehensive diagnosis of diffuse liver disease by measuring both liver fibrosis index and SWM to reflect the degree of fibrosis, inflammation, congestion, and jaundice.

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