Zonare debuts new products at ECR

Ultrasound technology developer Zonare Medical Systems of Mountain View, CA, is showing several new products at this week's European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria.

The new general imaging release for the z.one ultra system includes new advanced software applications and transducers designed to enhance image quality and performance across various clinical applications. New capabilities include contrast-enhanced imaging studies, elastography applications, and 3D imaging.

Zonare also is showing as a work-in-progress a new feature for contrast-enhanced ultrasound studies of the liver and heart. Using contrast-enhanced ultrasound with Zonare's new C4-1 curved-array transducer can offer additional diagnostic information in liver lesion assessment by narrowing down the differential diagnosis, similar to contrast-enhanced CT of liver lesions, according to the company.

The company's new C9-4t is a tightly curved, small-footprint, high-frequency transducer designed for pediatric head and abdomen imaging. The field-of-view offers up to 134° of imaging with 2D frequency choices from 9 MHz to 4 MHz for enhanced imaging of neonatal to larger infant body types.

The C4-1 transducer is a small-footprint, curved-array transducer designed to address technically difficult-to-image patients, and offers physicians improved access and imaging performance, resulting in increased penetration (up to 35 cm) with sensitive Doppler imaging.

The z.one ultrasound system now features new elastography applications that enable qualitative visual assessment of the mechanical stiffness properties of tissue. The high-resolution elastography images are generated and visualized using various grayscale and colorized maps, and all linear-array transducers are supported. Clinicians using the new applications report that this technique may provide significant new diagnostic information, according to Zonare.

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