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Advanced Imaging Technologies (AIT) will highlight its Aria breast imaging system, which features the Richland, WA, company's HU2400 imaging platform and Aria image and data management system.

HU2400 utilizes the diffractive and through-transmission properties of ultrasound to deliver more detailed and specific information for enhanced image quality than conventional reflective ultrasound systems, according to the company.

2006 10 25 11 06 40 706Aria is designed to acquire image sets of an entire breast in an automated, multiplanar format that facilitates identification of structural abnormalities. Other features include 3D reconstruction, support for real-time image-guided biopsy, enhanced image quality of dense breast tissue, short exam times, and standardized image acquisition and display to improve productivity.

In addition, Aria is configured for remote imaging and system operation for teleradiology applications in real-time, while image data and acquisition standardization allows for future use of computer-aided detection (CAD).

Aria has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance, and AIT currently is marketing the system to breast imaging and women's health centers in the U.S. for adjunctive breast imaging, dense breast imaging, and breast imprinting. There is no timetable yet for marketing the system worldwide.

By Wayne Forrest staff writer
November 9, 2006

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