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Canadian ultrasound vendor Ultrasonix will introduce ES500RP, an advanced ultrasound research platform complementing the Burnaby, British Columbia, vendor's ES500 system.

ES500RP is designed for researchers interested in developing and evaluating new image processing methods. The ES500 has obtained FDA 510(k) clearance, while the Research Package (RP) is for investigational purposes only.

The ES500RP is in use in several research institutions in Europe and North America. The system can be used to develop new ultrasound technologies in the following areas: elastography, contrast agent imaging, vascular quantification methods, computer-aided detection (CAD), and tissue characterization.

The ES500RP allows access to ultrasound radiofrequency data, right up to the output of each analog-to-digital converter, allowing extreme flexibility. Additionally, the platform allows for control of every imaging parameter and near-instant implementation of newly designed algorithms for research. This reduces the time to integrate and clinically test new ultrasound methods, according to the company.

By Robert Bruce
AuntMinnie.com contributing writer
November 12, 2004

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