Siemens Medical Solutions

Malvern, PA-based Siemens will feature the new Paragon release for the Acuson Sequoia 512.

Siemens Ult Paragon features an expansion of the vendor’s TEQ technology, and allows clinicians to optimize a two-dimensional image while offering one-button optimization for spectral Doppler imaging. This reduces the time spent optimizing image parameters by up to 95%, Siemens said.

TEQ for 2-D imaging and spectral Doppler utilizes patient-specific information to compensate for patient-specific variables such as different body habitus. Paragon includes the new 10V4 transducer, a small-footprint probe for neonatal and pediatric imaging.

Expanded clinical applications for the Sonoline Antares ultrasound system with new transducer and acoustic technologies will also be showcased, as well as clinical cases using the company’s fourSight 4-D imaging technology.

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