Pie gets FDA clearance for ob/gyn portable ultrasound

The FDA has cleared the Picus 3.0 ultrasound scanner made by Dutch-based Pie Medical. Picus 3.0 is a digital, portable system designed for ob/gyn use. Three probes can be connected simultaneously, and a new transrectal/transvaginal transducer option is also available for the system.

The scanner features integrated color flow, B-mode, M-mode, angio, and autotrace spectral Doppler modalities. Pie also offers a selection of ob/gyn calculation packages, including amniotic fluid index, twins-quadruplets, fetal-age tables, and fetal weight formulas and ratios.

Pie is a subsidiary of the Esaote group, which in turn is part of the Bracco Group in Genoa, Italy. Pie Medical USA shares facilities with Biosound Esaote in Indianapolis.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
February 27, 2003

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