TomTec debuts 3D Sono-Scan

3-D ultrasound developer TomTec Imaging Systems has introduced its 3D Sono-Scan workstation for radiology, ob/gyn, and vascular ultrasound. Compatible with any standard ultrasound system, 3D Sono-Scan is an add-on device designed for acquisition, processing, and analysis of 3-D ultrasound images, according to TomTec of Munich, Germany.

3-D Sono-Scan is capable of real-time 3-D rendering of gray-scale and color images, employing software algorithms to identify tissues and chambers. The workstation displays 3-D representations of pelvic organs and vascular and fetal anatomy, according to TomTec. A 3D Scalpel and Eraser feature allows the workstation to extract dedicated anatomical structures in three dimensions.

With 3D Sono-Scan, static and dynamic 3-D images can be exported into standard file formats, according to TomTec. Images and reports can be archived digitally, with hard copies available with a conventional printer.

By staff writers
July 31, 2001

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