IBA software now compatible with Varian software

2022 10 20 18 46 3859 Laboratory Software 400

Ion Beam Applications (IBA) recently received approval from Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, to incorporate Varian's Halcyon and Ethos radiotherapy software into its MatriXX Resolution and myQA SRS platforms.

Through the use of IBA Dosimetry's Gantry Sensor+ feature, IBA's MatriXX Resolution and myQA SRS are now fully compatible with Varian Halcyon and Ethos. The Gantry Sensor+ -- when combined with Varian's software -- allows for real-time measurements for angular corrections.

The company's MatriXX Resolution is a wireless detector array with 6.5 mm resolution and more than 1,500 ionization chambers, while the company's myQA SRS is a stereotactic detector with a 12 cm² by 14 cm² active detector area that provides film-class resolution of 0.4 mm with 105,000 pixels, according to IBA.

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