RaySearch, TAE Life Sciences partner on cancer therapy

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Radiation therapy software developer RaySearch Laboratories has entered into a licensing and distribution agreement with TAE Life Sciences, the manufacturer of a boron neutron radiation therapy system.

Under their licensing and distribution agreement, RayStation will work in conjunction with TAE's dose calculation software on its Alphabeam system for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT). The RayStation treatment planning system supports BNCT with tools for contouring, image importing, reporting, plan creation, and evaluation.

With BNCT, a patient is injected with a tumor-targeting drug that contains nontoxic and nonradioactive boron-10. Then, the target area is exposed to low-energy neutrons. When the neutrons and boron-10 interact, the tumor cells are destroyed with minimal damage to adjacent healthy tissue, according to the firms.

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