Elekta launches new Versa HD linear accelerator

Radiation oncology firm Elekta has launched a new advanced linear accelerator system, Versa HD.

The new system features high-precision beam shaping and tumor targeting, the company said during a global press conference launch on March 1. It is designed to deliver conventional treatments for a wide range of tumors throughout the body, as well as specialized treatments that require extreme targeting precision.

Versa HD is integrated with the Agility 160-leaf multileaf collimator, providing highly conformal beam shaping, a critical requirement for maximizing radiation dose to the target while also preserving surrounding healthy tissues. Its high targeting accuracy is available over a large field-of-view, permitting delivery of high-definition beams to a wide spectrum of complex targets, according to the company.

Versa HD is capable of delivering radiation doses three times faster than previous generations of Elekta linear accelerators. However, it consumes up to 30% less energy than other radiation therapy delivery systems, the firm said. The new linear accelerator also features new user controls, ambient lighting effects, and a sleeker exterior.

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