MIM Software launches new MRI software for prostate imaging

GE HealthCare (GEHC) subsidiary MIM Software has launched new software to support the use of MRI for planning high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy.

Called MIM Symphony HDR Prostate, the software is designed to align contours on preoperatively acquired MRI with live ultrasound and provides clear visibility of the prostate, lesions, and critical structures during HDR procedures. The software can assist clinicians in the following ways:

  • Defines the lesion and tracks changes to guide needle placement, even as the prostate moves during the procedure.
  • Corrects differences between MRI supine and ultrasound lithotomy orientations with ReSlicer, a tool in the program.
  • Automatically digitizes needles on CT or ultrasound planning images, as well as performs needle review and free length checks.

Typically, clinicians use CT or ultrasound for planning HDR procedures. Incorporating MRI into brachytherapy treatment planning can reduce toxicity to critical structures, GE HealthCare said.

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