Dilon Technologies

(Booth 8565) Dilon Technologies of Newport News, VA, will highlight its Dilon 6800 gamma camera, which performs breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) as an adjunct to mammography, providing clinicians with functional information that can help differentiate cancerous tissue from benign.

Dilon 6800 uses a small-field-of-view detector designed to produce high-resolution images of breast tissue. The company claims that the system has a high sensitivity for lesions as small as 3 mm and negative predictive values as high as 99%.

The system's detector can image close to the chest wall, and it can perform all the standard mammographic views, which helps correlate BSGI studies with conventional mammography. Patients are also able to remain seated during image acquisition, rather than lie prone as is common on whole-body gamma cameras outfitted to perform scintimammography.

Look for the company to talk up research presented during 2007 using the BSGI technology. A study published in the August 2007 issue of Academic Radiology of a patient population of 22 women with ductal carcinoma in situ indicated that BSGI had a sensitivity of 91%, compared with 82% for mammography and 88% for MRI in a subpopulation of seven patients who had breast MRI.

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