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2005 11 02 20 37 32 706

Multimodality vendor Siemens of Malvern, PA, will be featuring hybrid imaging technology in its McCormick Place booth this year at the RSNA conference.

The company will be spotlighting its TruePoint SPECT·CT system and Biograph 64 scanner, a 64-slice PET/CT product. TruePoint SPECT·CT combines the functional sensitivity of SPECT with the anatomical detail of diagnostic six-slice CT, according to the vendor.

TruePoint SPECT·CT can be installed on Siemens' Symbia family of SPECT systems. TruePoint's scalable architecture allows the company to offer various models, including multislice CT configurations with speeds of up to 0.6 seconds per rotation.

2005 11 02 20 37 32 706

TruePoint SPECT·CT is targeted toward emergency rooms, hospitals, and outpatient clinics for cancer, cardiac, and neurological diseases. The product has been cleared by the FDA and is available now worldwide, the company said.

The Biograph 64 PET/CT system incorporates Siemens' 64-slice CT technology with its high-count rate lutetium oxyorthosilicate (LSO) PET detector technology. The 64-slice configuration provides noninvasive coronary artery visualization and perfusion capabilities that can be completed in one exam, according to the vendor.

Biograph 64 is targeted toward the emergency room, hospital, and outpatient clinic market for cancer, cardiac, and neurological diseases, Siemens said. The device has been cleared by FDA and is available now worldwide, the company said.

By Jonathan S. Batchelor staff writer
November 3, 2005

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