European PET market to see double-digit increase

An estimated 267,700 PET patient studies will be performed in Western Europe in 2004, a 41% increase from the 190,300 patient studies performed in 2003, according to a new study published by healthcare consultants Medical Options of London.

The European PET studies were performed at 235 hospital and nonhospital sites, using PET or PET/CT scanners in a fixed or mobile environment. Oncology exams comprise 94% of PET studies in Europe, with cardiology and neurology applications accounting for the remaining 6%, the firm said.

In 2004, 84% of scanners shipped were PET/CT compared with 60% in 2003. The study, PET and Molecular Imaging in Europe 2004, profiles more than 90% of the PET imaging sites in Europe, according to Medical Options.

The trade-up of the installed base of PET scanners, plus new installations of PET/CT systems, will be the main driver for growth in patient scans, the consultants said. Medical Options predicts that this will rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31% over the next five years, but the firm cautions that the European market is extremely heterogeneous. There are great disparities in throughput between private practice and public hospitals, as well as between countries, the firm said.

By staff writers
December 7, 2004

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