Thales launches new systems at RSNA 2014

Digital x-ray developer Thales has launched a few new systems at RSNA 2014.

The Pixium Portable 3543 EZ with a gadolinium oxysulfide (Gadox) scintillator and the Pixium Portable 3543 EZh-C detector with integrated handle mechanics are now available.

The ArtPix Mobile EZ2GO is a multitouch tablet that supports both size Wi-Fi detectors: the Pixium Portable 3543 EZ (Gadox and cesium iodide [CsI]) and the Pixium Portable 2430 EZ. In addition, a Bluetooth connection to a dose measurement device will allow the full wireless system to control both patient exposure and dose management.

Pixium 2121S-A is a new flat-panel for surgical C-arms. It has new-generation CsI and pixel design, as well as a compact design with new software features, Thales said.

Lastly, TH 8770 is the new-generation GigE Vision CCD camera and is compatible with 6-, 9-, or 12-inch Thales XRII sizes. The camera could be integrated in either radiography/fluoroscopy tables or mobiles C-arms, and it is optimized for digital fluoroscopy and radiography, the firm added.

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