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2008 10 21 15 11 28 968 Medtronic Thumb Rca 2008

2008 10 21 11 37 24 682 Medtronic Xra 2008(Booth 7149) Medtronic Navigation of Louisville, CO, will highlight its O-arm intraoperative imaging unit, a mobile imaging system designed for spine and orthopedic surgery.

O-arm combines features of a traditional C-arm with an intraoperative 3D scanner for image guidance during surgical procedures. The system allows for lateral patient access, and provides 3D and 2D fluoroscopic imaging; it can also be interfaced with Medtronic Navigation's image-guided surgical software.

O-arm uses a flat-panel digital detector that allows a 360° scan. Datasets consist of 192 slices at 0.4-mm slice widths, and are compatible with the DICOM 3.0 format. The system has been shipping since April 2006.

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