Toshiba America Medical Systems

2008 10 21 15 11 29 143 Toshiba Thumb Rca 2008

2008 10 20 16 37 53 456 Toshiba Xra 2008(Booth 3429) Toshiba America Medical Systems of Tustin, CA, plans to highlight Radrex-I, an automated general radiography system configured with two high-resolution digital detectors.

Radrex-I features include autotracking, which eliminates the need to manually position the x-ray tube and detector; autocollimation, which selects the correct collimation size for the patient's body part; autoprogram, which selects the correct program for each specific x-ray procedure; and autostitching, with allows the user to combine two or three 17 x 17-inch images for long-leg and spine applications.

Also in its RSNA booth, Toshiba will showcase its Infinix-I line of vascular x-ray products designed for general angiography, interventional radiology, pediatric, neurologic, and cardiac procedures. The firm also will show 3D reconstruction applications for planning and diagnosis.

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