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2005 11 03 16 58 38 706

Philips of Andover, MA, will showcase the newest version of its Brilliance Workspace CT workstation software, which includes advancements in radiology, cardiology, and radiation oncology.

On the cardiac side, Brilliance Workspace 2.0 includes Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis, which enables automated total heart segmentation for visualizing the entire coronary tree, morphological analysis of the vessel lumen, and cross-sectional views of target arteries, allowing for free lumen diameter/area analysis.

2005 11 03 16 58 38 706

In radiology, Philips will be showing a new virtual colonoscopy package that includes a filet-view technique that takes the tubular colon and flattens it for viewing. The company compares the technique to the way in which a pathologist views a section of the colon and can see the entire colon surface in a single view.

For radiation oncology CT users, Philips will introduce new options to improve workflow and treatment-planning accuracy. Respiratory Correlated Imaging preserves spatial relationships and respiratory motion information to better target tumor location and motion for more accurate treatment planning, according to the company. Tumor Localization allows users to localize tumors and mark patients for therapy delivery without leaving the scanner console.

Philips will also highlight its Brilliance Workspace Portal, which enables clinicians to log on to a Web site that emulates the company's Brilliance Workspace interface. Users can view CT and case information from virtually any location without the need to load specialized workstation software, according to the company. The portal will be available in January 2006, according to the company.

Finally, Philips will highlight CT NetForum, a virtual online community that enables users to share their knowledge on Philips CT products and clinical applications. Philips customers can use CT NetForum to access scanning protocols, clinical case studies, application tips, white papers, and other resources, according to the company.

By Brian Casey staff writer
November 4, 2005

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