Optimizing CT contrast for liver imaging

Dear AuntMinnie Member,

Trying to find the best CT protocol to detect liver carcinoma can be a hassle. Fortunately, we provide a guide to optimizing contrast-enhanced hepatocellular carcinoma exams in this week's CT Digital Community.

The story, by staff writer Eric Barnes, is chock full of tips you can use to improve your HCC imaging. For example, a Japanese group found that adding a fixed scan delay to assess tumor hemodynamics can be useful once a lesion is found.

The group's research is especially important in light of other studies showing that the characteristics of tumor contrast enhancement can correlate with tumor aggressiveness.

Another study, by German researchers, found that high concentrations of the contrast agent iomeprol can improve hepatic tumor conspicuity over lower concentrations. Find additional tips by visiting the CT Digital Community, at ct.auntminnie.com.

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