X-ray reveals live grenade in Ukrainian soldier

2017 03 09 14 05 24 948 Chest Lung Xray 400

Doctors in Ukraine have removed a potentially explosive grenade from inside a soldier after detecting the device on a chest x-ray, according to military officials.

A tweet at 6:50 a.m. on January 9 by "UA_StratCom" -- the official Twitter page of strategic communications for Ukraine's armed forces -- identified the device as a VOG grenade, which are designed to be fired from grenade launchers attached to assault rifles.

"Our military doctors performed a successful and incredible operation to remove an unexploded VOG grenade from the body of a serviceman!" the officials wrote. "It was removed in the presence of two sappers who ensured the safety of medical personnel."

The tweet included a photograph of Major General Andrii Verba, a surgeon, holding the grenade with bloodied gloves after the procedure.

In a follow-up tweet a minute later, UA_StratCom posted the x-ray showing the VOG grenade inside the chest of the soldier.

"The operation was performed by one of the most experienced surgeons @UArmedForces - by Major General Andrii Verba without electrocoagulation, as the grenade could detonate at any moment," the tweet read.

"Fortunately, everything passed -- the wounded man has already been sent for rehabilitation and recovery," officials wrote.

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