Bracco to discontinue some barium products

Bracco Diagnostics is planning to discontinue some of its barium products starting in October, the company said in a letter to customers.

In the July 18 letter, Bracco said it is discontinuing some of the products to eliminate potential redundancies in its product line. The company said that in its analysis, it has ensured that specific barium products will still be available for different gastrointestinal segments and imaging modalities using barium.

Bracco is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and abdominal radiology experts to ensure that the company continues to meet the needs of the radiology community and to maintain continuity of patient care, as well as to ensure that the remaining products being offered as a substitute for discontinued agents provide comparable or superior results.

The full list of discontinued products is available in the customer letter sent to the firm's user base, but some of the fluoroscopy products include E-Z-HD, Maxibar, and Digibar, while discontinued CT products include Readi-Cat and E-Z-Cat.

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