Ultrasound shows lymph node changes after COVID-19 vaccine
January 22, 2021 -- Breast ultrasound was used to demonstrate signs of lymph node enlargement in four cases of patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine. Radiologists from NewYork-Presbyterian published the case studies on January 18 in Clinical Imaging. Read More
Thyroid cancer screening hits the right note
January 13, 2021 -- Researchers from France discovered a thyroid cancer screening technique that hit all the right notes. The method can noninvasively detect abnormally stiff tissues on ultrasound when participants sing the "eeee" sound, according to a January 12 study in Applied Physics Letters. Read More
AI bolsters specificity of screening breast ultrasound
January 12, 2021 -- A diagnostic model that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI)-based quantitative analysis can significantly decrease false-positive rates for masses detected on screening breast ultrasound exams, potentially helping to reduce unnecessary biopsies, according to a study published online January 11 in Scientific Reports. Read More
Echo helps identify flossing-induced heart disease
January 11, 2021 -- In a case report from Texas, echocardiography helped clinicians diagnose a man with a rare case of infective endocarditis thought to be caused by oral bacteria released from vigorous dental flossing. The findings were published in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science. Read More
Ultrasound predicts ulcerative colitis treatment response
January 11, 2021 -- Ultrasound scans may help physicians predict which patients with severe ulcerative colitis won't respond to steroid treatment, according to a January 5 study published in Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. As a result, these patients could gain quicker access to alternative colon-saving therapies. Read More
CT/ultrasound fusion enhances ovarian biopsies
January 8, 2021 -- A method that combines CT radiomics and real-time CT/ultrasound image fusion can yield more accurate and efficient tissue biopsies in ovarian cancer patients and may, in the future, even facilitate "virtual" biopsies, according to research published online December 14 in European Radiology. Read More
Ultrasound-guided vein access safe, quick in kids
January 4, 2021 -- Ultrasound-guided tunneled central venous access proved safe for children in a randomized clinical trial published on December 24 in the Journal of Surgical Research. The trial included more than 100 patients and showed that ultrasound-guided placement reduced operating time and preserved vein size. Read More
Ultrasound outperforms x-ray for neonatal pneumothorax
December 23, 2020 -- Lung ultrasound scans outperformed chest x-rays for diagnosing neonatal pneumothorax in a new review that included more than 500 newborns. Ultrasound achieved better sensitivity and specificity and took less time to perform, according to the December 16 study in Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. Read More
New device combines ABUS, DBT for better breast imaging
December 18, 2020 -- A prototype device combining 3D automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) performed well in a feasibility study published on December 12 in European Radiology. The system identified 97% of cancers and added only about a minute to the DBT exam time. Read More
US microbubble destruction may improve TARE response
December 15, 2020 -- Patients with a common form of liver cancer experienced better treatment outcomes in a recent study when clinicians paired transarterial radioembolization (TARE) with microbubble destruction by ultrasound (US) waves, according to early results published on December 15 in Radiology. Read More