Subharmonic ultrasound better with contrast flow in breast masses
January 3, 2022 -- 3D subharmonic ultrasound is better at detecting contrast flow in vascular breast masses than 3D harmonic ultrasound, according to research presented by Flemming Forsberg, PhD, at the RSNA 2021 annual meeting. Read More
Routine ultrasound does not reduce hospital length of stay
December 22, 2021 -- Performing focused ultrasound scans on cardiopulmonary patients just admitted to the hospital may not decrease their length of stay compared to standard treatment, according to Australian research published December 20 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
POCUS a good tool for detecting coins swallowed by kids
December 20, 2021 -- Parents may be horrified when their young child swallows a coin that isn't the chocolate kind. But a recent case report described how point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) was used to detect a metal coin that a 3-year-old boy had swallowed. Read More
Ultrasound useful for workup of DBT recalls
December 17, 2021 -- Ultrasound should be the first line for diagnostic workup of noncalcified masses recalled from digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) exams, according to research published December 15 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
MRI-guided focused ultrasound can help with pain for cancer patients
December 10, 2021 -- MRI-guided focused ultrasound can be superior to external-beam radiation therapy when it comes to pain relief and quality of life for metastatic bone disease patients, according to research presented November 30 at the RSNA 2021 annual meeting. Read More
Elastography accurate and reliable for liver fibrosis imaging
December 8, 2021 -- Point shear-wave elastography is accurate and reliable for measuring liver elasticity in chronic liver disease patients who present with fibrosis, according to research presented December 2 at RSNA 2021 in Chicago. Read More
Radiation oncology residents benefit from ultrasound training program
December 8, 2021 -- An ultrasound curriculum with phantom training doubled the knowledge of radiation oncology residents when it came to gynecologic interstitial brachytherapy, according to research published December 4 in Brachytherapy. Read More
Do all ED patients presenting with TIA get complete imaging workup?
December 6, 2021 -- Black individuals and elderly patients who present at the emergency department (ED) with transient ischemic attack (TIA) -- also known as ministroke -- are less likely to receive complete imaging workups, according to research presented November 30 at the RSNA meeting. Read More
New MRI scanners drive Philips products at RSNA 2021
December 1, 2021 -- Two new MRI scanners at 3-tesla and 1.5-tesla field strengths are among the new product launches at RSNA 2021 for Philips. The company is also demonstrating a midrange CT scanner and a new interventional suite that combines CT with angiography. Read More
Ultrasound helps diagnose pediatric abdominal problems
December 1, 2021 -- Abdominal ultrasound is helpful in diagnosing midgut malrotation and volvulus in pediatric patients, according to research presented November 30 at the RSNA annual meeting. Read More