uPAR-PET looks promising diagnosing neuroendocrine cancer
January 25, 2022 -- A new PET radiotracer developed by Danish researchers appears promising for establishing the risk of disease progression and death in patients with neuroendocrine cancer, according to a study published January 20 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
Rapid amyloid PET scans show promise in Alzheimer's disease
January 24, 2022 -- Amyloid PET imaging performed in just a few minutes appears equal to standard FDG-PET imaging for detecting glucose hypometabolism in Alzheimer's disease patients, according to a study published January 18 in the European Journal of Hybrid Imaging. Read More
FAPI-PET may improve diagnosis of gastric cancer
January 19, 2022 -- Hybrid PET/MR imaging with an experimental gallium-68-labeled fibroblast activation protein inhibitor (FAPI) radiotracer outperforms standard molecular imaging for diagnosing gastric cancer, according to a study published in the January issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
SNMMI warns of omicron's impact on PET/CT scans
January 14, 2022 -- The COVID-19 omicron variant appears to cause an unusual imaging pattern on FDG-PET/CT scans in cancer patients, according to a statement released January 14 by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) COVID-19 Task Force. Read More
Could imaging payments for Aduhelm patients bust Medicare?
January 14, 2022 -- Overlooking imaging costs related to the controversial Alzheimer's disease drug aducanumab (Aduhelm) prior to its approval was a mistake that could ultimately threaten Medicare's solvency, according to an analysis published January 14 in JAMA Health Forum. Read More
Radiohybrid tracer superior to CT in prostate cancer imaging
January 13, 2022 -- An experimental radiohybrid PET tracer is more effective than CT for identifying tumors prior to surgery in patients with advanced prostate cancer, according to a study published January 6 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read More
CMS to limit coverage of new drugs for Alzheimer's disease
January 12, 2022 -- The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a national coverage determination that would limit coverage for drugs like aducanumab only to people enrolled in qualifying clinical trials. Read More
Ga-68 radiotracer outperforms F-18 FDG in lung cancer staging
January 11, 2022 -- PET/CT imaging with an experimental gallium-68-based (Ga-68) radiotracer that binds to overactive fibroblast cells in tumors outperforms standard methods for detecting the spread of lung cancer, according to a study published January 4 in Radiology. Read More
SPECT/CT augmented reality may help visualize metastatic melanoma
January 5, 2022 -- Augmented reality visualization of SPECT/CT data can help guide surgeons in identifying sentinel lymph nodes in patients with metastatic melanoma, according to a study published January 3 in Oral Oncology. Read More
New PET tracer emerging in primary prostate cancer staging
December 23, 2021 -- An experimental prostate cancer PET radiotracer looks promising detecting suspected metastases in patients with advanced disease, according to a study published December 20 in EJNMMI Research. Read More