New model makes it easier for AI to spot pulp cavities
September 27, 2021 -- Combining conebeam CT (CBCT) and micro-CT images as training data can help artificial intelligence (AI) models identify the location of teeth and pulp cavities in CBCT images, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Endodontics. Read More
AI of breast ultrasound helps radiologists focus on cancer
September 24, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm was able to significantly reduce false positives in breast ultrasound, potentially avoiding the need for one out of four biopsies in a study published online September 24 in Nature Communications. Read More
Can AI of MRI data predict patient response to antidepressants?
September 24, 2021 -- A machine-learning algorithm that analyzed brain MRI scans was able to predict if patients would respond to antidepressant treatment in a study presented this week at the Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging. Read More
In chest x-ray AI, two views are better than one
September 21, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model that analyzes both frontal and lateral chest radiographs performs better for classifying adenopathy, according to a September 20 presentation at the Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging. Read More
FDA faces research hurdles in regulating AI for imaging
September 20, 2021 -- What's taking so long for artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to move into routine clinical use in radiology? Several regulatory bottlenecks could be holding AI back, according to a September 19 talk at the Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging. Read More
Can AI help improve racial disparities in healthcare?
September 20, 2021 -- If appropriate steps are taken, artificial intelligence (AI) technology could help reduce -- not worsen -- racial disparities in healthcare in the U.S., according to an article published September 17 in JAMA Health Forum. Read More
Can radiomics and AI characterize renal masses on preop CT?
September 17, 2021 -- The combination of radiomics and a machine-learning algorithm can differentiate benign from malignant renal masses, potentially helping to avoid unnecessary surgeries, according to research published online September 17 in European Urology Focus. Read More
Strength in numbers: Federated learning boosts AI for COVID-19
September 16, 2021 -- An algorithm trained using federated learning turned in highly accurate performance for predicting clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients from chest x-rays and clinical data, according to research published online September 15 in Nature Medicine. Read More
Deep learning reduces scan times for shoulder MRI
September 16, 2021 -- MRI reconstruction based on deep learning for shoulder exams allows clinicians to reduce scan times via accelerated protocols without compromising image quality, according to a study published September 15 in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Read More
MRI radiomics can help predict breast cancer treatment response
September 14, 2021 -- A nomogram based on MRI radiomics and clinical variables can predict whether hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients will respond to endocrine therapy, according to research published online September 11 in the Breast. Read More
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Top 10 questions to ask when buying radiology AI software
Top 10 questions to ask when buying radiology AI software

What issues should you consider when buying artificial intelligence (AI) software for radiology? A multinational team of authors has produced new guidelines -- including a list of top 10 questions to ask -- aimed at helping guide prospective purchasers. Learn more