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Microscopic Polyangiitis:


Microscopic polyangiitis (MP) is a nongranulomatous necrotizing systemic vasculitis [1]. It is the most common cause of pulmonary-renal syndrome (pulmonary hemorrhage and glomerulonephritis) [1]. The disorder is primarily renal, and less commonly pulmonary [1]. More than 90% of patients have a rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis at presentation [1]. Diffuse pulmonary hemorrhage occurs in 10-30% of patients and is commonly present at time of presentation [1]. Pulmonary symptoms include hemoptysis and shortness of breath [1]. Other manifestations include skin lesions, peripheral neuritis, and GI hemorrhage [1]. ON lab analysis the patients are p-ANCA positive [anti-MPO] (sensitivity 35-70%) [1].


(1) Radiographics 2010; Castaner E, et al. When to suspect pulmonary vasculitis: radiologic and clinical clues. 30: 33-53

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